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Intolerance Testing Hair Analysis

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Holistic Nutrition Coaching

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Intolerance Testing Hair Analysis

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by Holistic Nutrition & Natural Health Practitioner, Amanda Lynn

Is your quality of life hindered by extra weight, low energy, or ailments? Do diets, doctors visits, and medications leave you feeling frustrated and in a worsening condition? 


Vastly different from clinical methods, HolisticFit utilizes PROPER nutrition and holistic methods to get to the root cause of suffering. 


Whether you feel stuck in your current condition, or you need professional guidance in order to address a specific health issue, HolisticFit is ready to help!

What is HolisticFit?

What is Holistic Fitness?

Nutrition is but one component, Holistic Fitness is the concept that our physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual selves are all intimately interconnected. When one is hindered, the others parts are hindered....when one benefits, the other parts benefit. Choose to live a fulfilling life, with a healthy balance between all aspects of your being. Wellness is more than losing weight or being free from illness; it is a process of change and growth towards a physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually healthy lifestyle.


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Now offering Intolerance Testing! Unlike allergy testing, which is very limited and pertains only to certain antobodies, Hair analysis is the most effective, non-invasive, comprehensive, and cost-efficient way to uncover what is truly going on inside our body, and contributing to our woes.  Intolerances, heavy metals, and nutrient deficiencies are responsible for ailments, diseases, and weight gain.  Just send in 5 strands of hair and we will do the rest!

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Amanda Lynn (540)793-2362


Misty, VA

Since we have been working with Amanda and a holistic diet, we've experienced these benefits in around 1 month:

*improved quality of sleep

*increased energy during the day

*significantly improved digestive system

*stabilized moods

*increase in confidence

*lots of weight and inches lost


In addition, if we didn't have the trust in Amanda, this would have been another failed attempt...but Amanda will break it down in layman terms. 

She's a wealth of knowledge with a huge heart, and genuinely wants us to succeed. We are forever grateful for her and her teachings.