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ONLY $99! limited time special offer (normally $175)

Full Analysis/Report on Over 750 Food and Environmental Intolerances, Heavy Metals, and Nutrient Deficiencies (as listed below), with a Supplement Recommendation Report Based on Your Individual Results...




What hair samples are the best to enclose? Though not completely necessary, hair samples that contain the root of the hair are best, and can be taken from any part of the body. 

What if my hair is chemically treated? Dyed or fried has no affect on hair analysis.

What if I'm bald? No worries, all that is needed is 5 strands of hair at least one inch long, from any part of the body.

What do I do once I receive the results? Feel free to book a follow-up intolerance testing session from this website on the Services/Bookings page. Sessions may be in-person, virtual, or by phone.

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